So very nice to have you here! My website is about my life as an artist and art instructor living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In my art journey, I strive to be open to the creative process – to express both the beauty that I see around me as well as the energy within. ♥ Vinita

Enrollment for the Fall Session of the Messy Palette Club is open.

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My favorite part of being an artist is having the opportunity to explore new ideas and new methods of expression. I see each new work as a journey of discovery. Although I’m best known for my work in watercolor, I also use oil, acrylic and goauche paints, encaustic, collage and mixed media.


I’m honored and humbled to be an art instructor.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of helping someone express their own creativity. I teach exactly how I would want to be taught – in a way that encourages folks to create with more freedom, boldness and simplicity. I’m available for both online classes and ‘real-life’ workshops.


Bringing my ‘art life’ full circle, I also am the gallery coordinator of Gallery 7, an art display space within Seven Feathers Casino Resort.  The gallery features artwork from artists in the Pacific Northwest. I’m entering my fourth year at Gallery 7 and with each exhibit the excitement and enthusiasm grows.

Take a look inside my online watercolor class

Take a look inside my Fall Online Watercolor Class! The enrollment is open now through October 31, 2016.  Class members are already having a great time with the week 1 homework.  And for my readers, I have a special discount –  save 15% off the enrollment fee...

How to Find Your Painting Style

A question I often get from students is, “How do I find my own style of painting?” This is a common question with no easy answer, and perhaps I’m not the best person to ask! My style over the years has been all over the place. I often felt like I...

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