Today I should have been painting but I felt restless and indecisive.  Past experience has taught me that those feelings don’t make for the best day of painting.  So I took an afternoon break to go beach combing and I found a few ‘treasures’ including not one but two pairs of swim goggles.  They looked to be well traveled and I’m guessing came from warmer waters, snorkeling is not a big sport around here. I also found a few pretty rocks and seashells.

My most interesting find of the day is nicknamed a ‘whale burp’ although it has nothing to do with whales or burping.  It’s a small ball of sea grass, fishing line and misc bits that have been rolled up by the waves into a dense ball.  It almost looks like an expensive appetizer at a sushi restaurant or something that could be bought at Pier One as decor.

I think it looks pretty cool and reminds me of how I feel these days…lots of misc ideas, thoughts, feelings and activities all wadded up together.

mishmash:  a confused mixture of things

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