Title:  Bench Field Barn
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 11″h x 14″ w


Sometimes I come across a scene that is a painting waiting to be painted. And sometimes the scene has to be pretty patient with me!  A couple of years ago I painted at a ranch near Roseburg with several other plein air painters.  While I was there, I took lots of pictures, including a photo of this scene. I don’t even remember what I painted that day, but I’ve never forgotten this photo – knowing that someday it would turn into a painting!

I did this with water miscible oil paints. The first layer was put in all at once with paint thinned with water. The initial result was pretty cool – lots of soft edges and blurring of paint. I knew I didn’t want to mess up the spontaneity of the painting so I let it sit for several weeks before working on it again. The trick was to bring the painting to a point of completion without loosing the fresh quality of that first layer.  I also wanted to depict lots of texture without it looking contrived…as if the painting came together without my help.  Not sure if I accomplished that but I can tell you this was a joy to paint.

Below is a photo of the framed painting. The frame is a custom-made wood frame with silver gilding and a dark inset.

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