A new year, a fresh start, yay! This year will be different…I will be organized, I will be on time and I will not procrastinate. My paintings will be ready for exhibitions ahead of time; photographed, labeled, cataloged and patiently awaiting their departure. Just kidding!!! But I do have big plans this year.

First is to paint more consistently. By that I mean that I want to paint more often (not paint the same way- how boring would that be?). Sometimes I will go for a week or two without picking up a brush which I know is not a good thing. Whenever I take a long break like that I can tell that it takes me awhile to get back in the groove. So my plan is to paint at least three times per week – a very achievable goal.

And I want to write and share more about my life as an artist. Being an artist is a two-fold role. First is the solo role of creating. Talk to any artist and they will tell you that a lot of time is spent alone planning, painting, thinking about a painting, looking at a painting, etc. But then comes the sharing part. Obviously I want to share my paintings with others. Ultimately they belong on someone’s wall other than my own. But recently I have realized the importance of sharing my thoughts and experiences as an artist – which includes the highs and lows, the doubts and the fears as well as the sheer joy of what I am fortunate enough to do.

That’s it, two goals put into writing. I’ll leave the anti-procrastination bit for next year. 🙂

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