After many months of planning, budgeting, working, and working some more, I’m so happy to be living in our new house here at the Oregon Coast! I can remember the first time I saw the property. The driveway was too overgrown to drive down so I walked down and took a few photos. I couldn’t believe the view from the waterfront. The lot contained two acres of forest with a peaceful and private view of the water. Once I convinced Nick that is was just about perfect, we had to track down the owner of the property as it wasn’t listed and we weren’t even sure it was for sale. All we had to go on was a tip from a realtor, “I can’t remember the owner’s name but I think she works at an antique store in town.” Before long, we were meeting with the owner at the Kozy Kitchen. Over coffee and breakfast, we made the deal.

I’ll write more about the process, probably on a rainy day this winter, but for now, I’ll just say that Nick and I are completely overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends who helped make this possible. We couldn’t have done this without all the help we received along the way.

I’m officially a coast resident. I keep two jackets and two hats in the car at all times. I know when low tide is. I always have seashells, beach glass, and agates in my pockets. Every day is a bad hair day. We watch for new boats to show up at Giddings Boatworks. The boat lights provide a gentle glow in our home at night. It’s just about perfect.

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