Warm Summer Night
Acrylic 30″x40″

I really enjoyed painting this one. I started with a vague concept of a color scheme and design. I knew I wanted it to be very red, with a combo of orange-red to violet. I built up many layers of paint and texture – one of my favorite things to do with acrylic! This time of year is so nice because I set the painting out on a picnic table outside my studio and let the sun dry it. I mixed up some pourable paint and used a bottle applicator (similar to a glue bottle) to apply it. This was the first time I did this and I can see lots of possibilities! In the painting, I wanted to express the warmth and drama of hot summer nights. Painted right around the 4th of July, I was thinking of the festivities, parades and of course fireworks. I also wanted to give the painting a somewhat aged look by adding black to the edges to make the red appear rough. This is probably my favorite way to paint…start with a concept, do one step at a time and experiment as I go. This is not a quiet painting, it’s quite bright, but I think it has a fun and warm mood and will impact any room it’s in.

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