When I began thinking about trying oil paints, I heard about the fairly new water miscible oil paints. These paints are real oil paints but the oil is refined so that they clean up with soap and water. No solvents are required. I talked with several people and got somewhat mixed reviews. But I thought that if I started with the water miscible oils I wouldn’t know what, if anything, I was missing with traditional oils.

I’ve been using the water miscible or water soluble oils for awhile now and I absolutely love them. I don’t use any thinner, mineral spirits or turpentine so there are no harmful fumes in my studio. The paints have a slight odor just like regular oil paints. My brushes clean up easily with soap and water. In fact I think it’s almost easier clean up than with acrylic because you don’t have to worry about the oil paint drying as quickly as acrylic paint does. I have tried both the Winsor Newton Artisan and the Holbein Duo Aqua. I like the Duo a bit better as it seems creamier but I can’t seem to find them in larger tubes so I mostly use the WN in the 200 ml tubes.


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