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I’m honored and humbled to be an art instructor.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of helping someone express their own creativity. I teach exactly how I would want to be taught – in a way that encourages folks to create with more freedom, boldness, and simplicity.


My favorite part of being an artist is having the opportunity to explore new ideas and new methods of expression. I see each artwork as a journey of discovery. Although I’m best known for my paintings in watercolor, I also work in gouache, acrylic, and mixed media.


In 2017, my husband and I built a new home on the Oregon Coast.  Our house is tucked into the forest and overlooks tidal waters and I often take long walks on the beach. I’m so happy to be in this coastal environment and have endless painting inspiration from forests, rocky shorelines, and marinas. 



Messy Palette Club – Shadows in Watercolor

This month in the Messy Palette Club, we are studying Shadows in Watercolor. This is such an important topic to study and learn more about! And I just don't think one can get enough practice in painting shadows.  I gave a tutorial that defined the different...

10 Tips for Plein Air Events

The highlight of September for me was Umpqua Plein Air 2017.  I thought I would share with you some details of the event and a few lessons I learned along the way - plus some exciting news!   Umpqua Plein Air is an annual painting event and competition...

The Oregon Coast – Our New Home!

After many months of planning, budgeting, working, and working some more, I'm so happy to be living in our new house here at the Oregon Coast! I can remember the first time I saw the property. The driveway was too overgrown to drive down so I walked down and took a...

The Messy Palette Club

An Online Painting Club
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 The Messy Palette Club is an online membership club for painters working in watercolor and water based mediums. Club members receive new content each week; tutorials, demos, Q&A’s and more! 

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Led by instructor Vinita Pappas, the Messy Palette Club (or MP Club for short) is an online private membership club for painters working in watercolor and other water-based media.

You can get inspiration, insight, and answers from Vinita as well as the other members in this supportive and encouraging online community.

Club members receive new content each week that consists of tutorials, product reviews, Q&A sessions, painting challenges, interviews, field trips, and more! Plus members can submit images to the Member Gallery as well as the Open Review.

Vinita’s painting tutorials are insightful and helpful. It’s just like being in her studio watching her paint.

I have enjoyed immensely, the classes I have taken from Vinita. I’m in awe of how she mixes her colors.. her explanations are clear and concise. I love being able to re-watch her demos, whenever I have time…over and over. Great classes!! Great teacher!! -Cindi

In addition to tutorials, another great feature of the MP Club is the Open Review. Have you ever found yourself stuck, not knowing how to finish a painting? Take an image of your painting in progress, upload it to the Open Review, and get feedback from Vinita and other Club Members. It’s like having a great team of painting friends offering their advice!

The MP Club may be the exact thing you’ve been looking for…

  • An inspiring instructor
  • A supportive community of painters
  • motivating painting ideas
  • your painting questions answered

All of this in the convenience of your own home, fitting into your schedule.  Membership is affordable and conveniently billed monthly, with no long term commitment.  

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For me, it’s all about experimenting and enjoying the art process. I thrive on the journey that each new painting brings.


© 2017  Vinita Pappas

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