State of the Palette, May 2022
State of the Palette, May 2022

State of the Palette, May 2022

Here’s the new setup for spring plein air season. There’s nothing quite like a fresh palette!


And here’s my painted version, which is handy to have in my sketchbook.



The palette is a Herring plastic folding palette. It has 12 pan-sized wells but you can also put 2 half pans in a well if you need more colors.*

I love this palette! I hold it in my left hand when I paint. It’s light, has plenty of mixing area, and won’t rust in the salt air.

*Note that in space #2 there are two half pans. Both of them are filled with Azo Yellow in hope that I will keep one clean and use the other for mixing greens.


A few of these colors are new to me, such as Permanent Green Light. I normally don’t have a ‘tube green’ in my palette but I thought I would try it out since I go through a lot of blues and yellows when mixing green. I can use the Permanent Green Light as a base color, adding other tones to make it warmer or more neutral.

All of these are M Graham, except for Neutral Tint by Daniel Smith.

Here’s the line-up.

  1. MG (M Graham) Titanium White Gouache
  2. MG Azo Yellow
  3. Daniel Smith Neutral Tint
  4. MG Quinacridone Rose
  5. MG Manganese Blue Hue
  6. MG Ultramarine Blue
  7. MG Naples Yellow
  8. MG Raw Sienna
  9. MG Quinacridone Violet
  10. MG Raw Umber
  11. MG Cobalt Teal
  12. MG Permanent Green Light

I’ll use this color palette over the next month and see how it works.

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